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You may be wondering...

Why choose the flute?


The flute is a versatile instrument which lends itself to classical, folk or jazz musicianship. It has a beautiful mellow tone which is not at all offensive to the ear, even when played by beginners! It is suitable for boys and girls and is light and portable which is great if you would like to play with other musicians in bands, orchestras or ensembles. The flute is a one-line treble clef non-transposing instrument which makes it fantastic for reading and playing music in groups without the need for separate parts or transposing skills. There are lots of opportunities in Sheffield if you are a flautist, come along and find out!



Why choose to have your lessons with me?


I am both a qualified musician and a qualified classroom teacher with experience of helping students of all ages pass their Associated Board exams with excellent grades! My range of teaching experience allows me to draw on a variety of techniques and a wide knowledge-base to provide learners with a high quality service which is adapted to suit the particular needs of each individual student. I have also received recent safe-guarding training and have a full CRB disclosure so you can be assured that you will receive a professional and appropriate service.



Why take instrumental lessons privately?


Instrumental lessons at school are sometimes an option for school aged learners. However, these lessons nearly always take place during classroom teaching hours and should you choose this option you might find you miss crucial lessons. In contrast, private lessons can be scheduled at a convenient time for you and thus students often find it easier to fit private lessons around their other studies.



Who can learn?


There is no ‘ideal’ age to start playing the flute, the only requirement is that your hands are big enough to reach the keys and you are physically able to handle the instrument. I usually recommend that flute is suitable for children aged about 7 years or older but please do come for a chat and to hold a flute if you are not sure.


I also have experience of teaching adult learners so please don’t be put off enquiring! It is never too late to learn an instrument and lessons can be tailored to suit your requirements.



Why take exams?


The flute can be very rewarding if you just want to learn for fun but you may find that working towards exams gives you a focus and purpose for playing, providing an ongoing motivation and adding to your sense of personal achievement. Associated Board music grades also translate into UCAS points for university applications and are desirable to universities as they provide evidence of a well rounded education.


The ABRSM website says:


‘We have designed our exams and assessments to motivate students of all levels and ages, giving them a series of realistic goals and tangible rewards for their achievements. Since 1889, we have provided music teachers and their students with exams and assessments that nurture and evaluate an individual's performance and progress.’



Do you teach in the school holidays?


Yes! Although my standard lessons and invoicing are geared around school term dates, should you wish to continue your lessons in the school holidays, or book some extra lessons e.g. for a crash course in music theory, this can be arranged on a flexible lesson-by-lesson basis.



How much do lessons cost?


Weekly lessons cost £15 for 30 minutes. For beginners, lessons are 30 minutes but for higher grade students, hourly lessons are also available. Lessons are invoiced in advance on a half termly basis.